Our Mission

At Steel Line Rail Services, LLC, our mission is:

  1. Provide the railroad Industry with qualified inspections and easily understood reports
  2. Provide consultant services with decades of experiences
  3. Provide a mobile repair process with safety, quality and speed which is second to none
  4. Provide streamlined Billing Repair Card (BRC) billing

Our staff has an excellent working knowledge of repair and manufacturing shops as we have held various roles in railcar manufacturing facilities, such as plant managers and quality managers. We strive to properly interpret the industry rules and regulations, as well as, maintain our knowledge of the field manual and office manual. Fully understanding the importance of equipment maintenance by developing programs to reduce downtime and excess shop cost is at the heart of what we do.



Steel Line Rail Services, LLC (SLRS) has over 100 years of combined experience in the railroad industry. We are primarily comprised of second and third generation railroaders. We cherish each of the relationships our fathers built and worked hard every day to maintain. We started in the 1980’s and 1990’s working in various shops located throughout East Texas. We have been involved in the railroad Industry since the start of DOT Specification 111A100W1, and have worked through the entire evolution to date with the development of DOT Specification 117.


SLRS is staffed with people experienced in manufacturing and repair of railroad equipment. We provide Technical Inspection services to our customers for a full guarantee of the highest quality of manufacturing and/or repair.


Let us help you stay ahead of the curve as our industry continues to drive regulation which obligates car owners and lease companies to become more involved with every process of owning and leasing equipment. In addition to this, we search for every opportunity to reduce our clients’ cost of ownership and assist in making informed decisions.